Our Terms

Acceptance of terms and conditions:

All customers are under contract with our agency for the acceptance of all terms and conditions published by the company. We insist upon you to scrutinize each and every part of these terms for your well-being. Company is not bound to intimate customers before implementation of changes in stipulations. You are highly requested to look over tickets primarily. It is important because any fault or inaccuracy must be referred to agency for correction. It’s all your responsibility to inform the company about mistakes or changes you want before time otherwise we do not assure you of any assistance at our end. Any change brought in the invoice will be referred to you for information. We again propel you to check your documents verbosely.

Tickets policy:

Following conditions are essential to agree upon:

ü        Kindly reconfirm your flight at least 72 hours before flying.

ü   Deposits of tickets, accommodation or any other service will not be repaid to customers after issuance.

ü     Prices are subject to change before the date of issuance.

ü     If there is any delay in arrival or departure at operator’s end, company will not take the responsibility to settle the issue. However, we will try to bring you a substitution if possible.

ü     You must have enough travel insurance to cope with such unfavorable incidents.

ü     Customer is asked repeatedly to reconfirm their tickets on first priority.

ü   Customer is likely to inform the company in case of any inaccuracy or change on invoice when received.

ü    Customer cannot claim for any change on invoice if company is not being informed on time.

ü   Customer must proof read all documents for validation purpose.

ü   Customer will agree to pay the difference that will occur after changing a flight, accommodation, tour etc on customer’s request.

Hotel policy:

Following conditions are essential to agree upon:

ü Customer is likely to accept the substitution hotel if the selected hotel is not available for any reason.

ü Customer is liable to pay the difference (if any), before booking, that will occur in price of hotel mentioned in the list on this page.

SAFI Excluded Airlines:

Following is the list of airlines which do not lie under Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI) :

·        Air Nigeria, Lab Airlines, Sky Europe, Nordic Airways, Caribair Airline, Air Jamaica, Air Comet, Olympic Airlines, Frontier, Silverjet, ZOOM, Air Senegal, Cabo Verde Airlines, OZ Jet, Aviacsa, Bellview, My Air, KD Avis, Air Slovakia and Ghana Airways.

·        No financial security is provided by company to the passengers of these airlines.

·         Customers who opt these airlines for travel are wholly liable for every kind of financial loss.

·        Customers who buy tickets of these airlines will accept failure of operator and cannot complain or blame our company.


Deposits policy:

Followings are the deposit policies:

·        Deposits are meant to reserve your seat only and not cost of fare.

·        Customers are most eminently requested to settle up with the remaining amount at priority. This is important as any difference (increase in fare) before paying off total amount will be included in the remaining bill.

·        Bookings are made on paying 50% of total amount.

Passport and visa policy:

·        Required passport validation period is minimum 6 months. This period will be counted from the date of your departure to your return date. Ideally a passport should be valid for 8 months.

·        You must have a valid visa for the place you intend to go.

·        All visa and passport issues must be settled by consulting with the embassy before time.

·        Conditions may vary, to avoid any difficulty, keep yourself up to date with the changing terms and conditions.

·        A copy of passport of every passenger will be submitted to the hotels provided. Customers are suggested to take an extra copy of their passports with them

·        It is purely customer’s responsibility to deliver passport along with two passport size photographs to the office 4 weeks prior to departure. Also customer is liable to send and collect passport from our office.

·        Your passports and other documents (if any) will be uploaded on our system when received. After the period of one week an E-number will be retrieved and your passport will be submitted to the concerned Embassy.

·        In some cases process time may extend over 2-3 weeks, during this period any loss regarding documents excludes our liability.

·        Visa issuance and its period are not guaranteed. Customer is liable to pay difference (i.e increase in cost of flight, hotel, transport etc) if visa is issued after the date of revised rates.

·        Non British passport holders will have to submit their travel documents, Biometric card, proof of residency and expiry date of his current visa, having 6 month validation prior to departure.

Baggage Allowance:

·        Each airline possesses its own baggage allowance. Customers are recommended to call upon the concerned airline for baggage allowance.

Cancellation Policy:

Followings are the cancellation policies of company:

Cancellation before issuance:

·        Tickets and deposits are non-refundable after cancellation, this condition implies on every service.

·        If you cancel any ticket in order to change your ticket or flight that will cost you extra charges namely flight changing charges depending upon company’s policy.

·        In case of cancellation, before issuance of ticket, 50% of deposit will be consumed as administration fee.

·        Per passenger 50% of pre deposit will be charged and 50% will be refunded in case if you cancel any flight, Umrah package or hotel and transport service.

Cancellation after issuance:

·        If you apply for cancellation after issuance of ticket, Umrah Packages, hotel service or any other, company will consult airline for refunding of your deposit. This will cost you administration fee as per company policy.

·        This process will take 48 hours. You will be handed over the refundable amount as declared by the airline after deducting the administration fee accordingly.


·        If you are disappointed or unhappy regarding any service or disregarded in any respect you are welcomed to inform the company.

·        You can record your complains within 21 days of the incident or 7 days after your arrival.

·        After this specified period complains will not be considered.

·        Complains will be received on the following e-mail address:

Complains @........................

Check in times:

You are highly recommended to check in according to the following schedule:

·        3 hours before takeoff for intercontinental flight.

·        2 hours before takeoff for European and domestic/local flights.

·        Check in will be stopped 1 hour before departure; you are requested to take care of timings for your well-being.

·        All these time margins are plotted due to security reasons.

Meal requests:

Meal requests will be forwarded to the airlines. Though it is not guaranteed to be fulfilled, yet airline will try best to accomplish your desire.

English law:

·        Both the consumer and the company will follow English law for deal or agreement.

·        Saudi Law will be followed to deal all matters and issues under the territory of Saudi Arabia.

·        Travellers and pilgrims are in compulsion to follow all local and traditional norm of the Kingdom.

·        Any disobedience on your part regarding law or customs will not be supported by the company. It’s wholly your responsibility to follow rules and regulation to avoid any unfortunate happening.

Non-Muslim Name:

·        Those who have non-Muslim name will provide a certificate from a Masjid or Islamic Center assuring that the applicant is a Muslim at the time of applying for visa.

Mahram Regulations Applies:

·        Women cannot go on pilgrim alone.

·        Women will be authorized to travel only with their husbands or any other male relative (Mahram).

·        Children also should be accompanied by their parents or any other male relative preferably father (parents).

·        Women will provide relationship proof in form of marriage certificate and children in form of birth certificate.

·        Women and children must be in the same flight while travelling into and out of Saudi Arabia.

·        Woman obtaining age of 45 years is allowed to travel with family or any group after submitting NOC from her Mahram.

Non UK National:

·        Clients who do not possess the nationality of the country they are applying from, they have to submit a valid residency permit.

Emergency Contact:

·        After the confirmation of your reservation you will be handed over a contact number for Saudi Arabia along with 24 emergency UK number for emergency use only.

Subject to Availability Policy:

·        Every service is a subject to availability.

·        Company can deny any service at any time without notice.

·        Issues will be settled if referred on time.

·        If reserved bookings are not available for some reason you will be supplied alternate services.

Travel Insurance:

·        All health requirements must be followed by every passenger.

·        A valid Vaccination Certificate must be attached with the applications.

Your Financial Protection:

All flights managed by CAA are protected by ATOL protection scheme. It’s an Air Travel Organizer’s License required for all travel agencies.

You can verify our ATOL Verification on this website


The purpose of providing you ATOL certificate is to let you know about financial protection of your reservation. This also explains that whom you should contact and from where you can get information.

“ATOL Certificate includes all the services mentioned on it. For instance, ATOL or any other supplier mentioned is not able to the needful; a substitution will do the same without costing any extra amount of money. Customer buying any package hereby agrees to accept this substitution and pay the cost of the package as per pre decided rates. If this substitution is not available, in that case customer is able to claim the ATOL scheme accordingly.”

“In case, our agency or the substitute mentioned above are unable to arrange the services payment will be resolved by the Trustees of the Air Travel Trust as per ATOL scheme. Customer agrees to assign all claims regarding services to those trustees. Customer also agrees that the claim will be re- assigned, if settled by any official under the ATOL scheme.”


All the provided information on this website is completely valid and hereby verified. All terms and information is complete and accurate. It is to be noted that any information related to the third party is not guaranteed. These terms and conditions can vary, in order to keep yourself aware of the new amendments visit the page regularly. Any changes brought about in the terms and conditions will not be informed individually it is wholly your duty to check them. We affirm that all the associated organizations, companies and agencies are well renowned. But our company is does not represent or control them and, therefore, is not liable for any error or wrong doing at their end. The customer will accept that bookings are subject to these firms and will be arranged for company and clients.

Problems that may include war, riots, civil commotion ,strikes, disasters, terrorist acts, events of nature, act of God, technical problems, with transport or other events which are out of control of company may cause any change or cancellation of events by the supplier. In such scenarios company will not be responsible.  Clients are liable to accept this.

All the belongings of customers will be protected by themselves only. Company will not safeguard any such article or document and also their loss excludes company’s responsibility. It is also client’s job to bring all important documents like visa, passports etc.

Pilgrims of Hajj and Umrah should note that a vast number of people perform Haj and Umrah and during this course there is always a chance of getting any viral disease. It does not include in company’s responsibility to take care of such happenings. It is important to note that if any unfortunate thing happens like accident or death etc company is not responsible for it and cannot be blamed.

Another thing should be noted that services of all hotels and their standards are according to the standards set by Saudi Arabia. Clients agree to accept changes, if brought.

Hajj and Umrah voyages are different from other trips due to a number of reasons. Though being a special trip every pilgrim wish it to be extra ordinary, yet it may be affected a bit due to consolidation of more than one peoples. This is compl